Tragic Mexico

During these winter holidays, Global Social Justice will publish some photo’s of Mexico. A country where 43 students can just disappear, where, in the past eight years, more than one hundred thousand people were murdered and more than twenty thousand were disappeared. Where feminicide continues . Where impunity reigns. Where the President and Ministers can receive million Dollar houses from businessmen. Where thousands of ordinary people lose their savings because of fraud in a financial institution. Where the minimum wage has just been risen by 2.74 Pesos and now reaches … less than five US$ a day. Workers have lost 80 % of their purchasing power over the past thirty years.


People react. People resist. And yes, they get punished. But they continue. They march. They make music. They get help from artists. Life is full of colours. During two weeks, I would like to show you some of this sad but hopeful reality.