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Most interesting report of the IMF on the possibilities, advantages and problems of raising taxes! A must read.

On the multiple dimensions of food security ... MDG has almost been met ...

But how many hundreds of millions of people remain hungry? How many remain under-nourished or mal-nourished?

Read the report

The official summary of the new IPCC report: international Panel on Climate Change setting out the challenges for the future of life on our planet

Outcome document of Special event at UN General Assembly 25 September 2013 on post  2015 and MDGs

New report from the Asian Development Bank on the perspectives for a post-2015 development agenda.

Read the report

The report highlights the problems that the MENA region is facing today: mass unemployment throughout the whole region, especially among young people and women; structural problems of unskilled young people, as well as underemployment; rising poverty; rising informal employment; increasing child labour; lack of fundamental freedoms; and the heritage of (neoliberal) perspectives from former authoritarian regimes.

These persistent problems are putting the socio-economic future of the MENA region in jeopardy and can lead to rising poverty and inequalities, which in turn can endanger the already fragile democratic stability. The lack of employment prospects, furthermore, can induce a “brain-drain” phenomenon and provide a potential breeding ground for religious extremism.


Read the full Declaration of the G20 in St Petersburg

1.         The G20 has been at the forefront of efforts to establish a more effective, efficient and fair international tax system since they declared the era of bank secrecy over at the G20 London Summit in April 2009.  In an increasingly borderless world, strengthening international cooperation in tax matters is essential to ensuring the integrity of national tax systems and maintaining trust in governments.

New report: A synthesis of studies on the tax system in five developing countries.

According to the ILO, more than ten million children are doing domestic work, hazardous and sometimes slavery-like work. Six and a half million of them are between 5 and 14 years old and 71 % of them are girls ...

Read the shocking report

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