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The year 2011 saw a tapering off of the recovery, followed by a dip in both economic growth and employment

growth in 2012. Unemployment increased by a further 4 million over the course of 2012.

The report examines the crisis in labour markets of both advanced economies and developing economies. The epicentre

of the crisis has been the advanced economies, accounting for half of the total increase in unemployment of 28 million

since the onset of the crisis. But the pronounced double dip in the advanced economies has had significant spillovers into

the labour markets of developing economies as well. A quarter of the increase of 4 million in global unemployment in

2012 has been in the advanced economies, while three quarters has been in other regions, with marked effects in East

Asia, South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.


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The detailed final aid figures for 2011 are now available on the OECD Aid Statistics web site ( The new data add significant detail to preliminary Official Development Assistance (ODA) statistics that were released in April 2011.

The final figures show that in 2011, net ODA was USD 134 billion, representing 0.31% of donors’ combined gross national income.

The richness, comprehensiveness and scope of coverage make the OECD’s Aid Statistics data unique. They cover ODA and other aid and development related official and private flows from the 24 Development Assistance Committee (DAC) members, multilateral agencies, regional development banks, a large number of non-DAC countries and flows from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The OECD estimates that it captures 95% of global ODA spending.

This is Global Financial Integrity's third update of the original report.

Developing countries have lost 859 billion US$ in illicit outflows in 2010, which is an increase of 11 % over 2009. It is a consequence of crime, corruption, tax evasion and other illicit activities.

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Interesting new report showing the growing disparities in the world and the deteriorating situation of workers

The Aidwatch Special Report assesses the Busan Partnership agreement and looks at the effectiveness of EU development cooperation


“…..All human beings—regardless of age, sex, race or income—are equal in dignity and rights.

Yet 222 million women in developing countries are unable to exercise the human right to voluntary family planning.

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Another shocking but interesting World Wealth Report


The Chinese economy hemorrhaged US$3.79 trillion in illicit financial outflows from 2000 through 2011, according to a new report [PDF] released today by Global Financial Integrity (GFI), a Washington, DC-based research and advocacy organization.   Amidst increased domestic concern over inequality and corruption, GFI’s study raises serious questions about the stability of the Chinese economy merely two weeks before the once-in-a-decade leadership transition.


The EU Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs adopted in its meeting of 15 October a declaration concerning the Commission's Communication on social protection in development cooperation.

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Data from the latest FAO report: the world counts 852 million people with hunger, most of them in developing countries. But 16 million people in developed countries are undernourished...

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