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A fascinating document on global inequalities

Jobs are the cornerstone of economic and social development ... they are transformational ... important role for a strong private sector ... jobs empower women to invest more in their children ...

Read the amazing Wold Bank Report

The Special Rapporteur of the UN Human Rights Council gives her analysis and her arguments as regards a human rights framework for social protection.

Read the report

UNCTAD speaks of a fragile recovery, of counterproductive policies that can make it difficult for developing countries to sustain their own growth.

The EU is on the brink of a deep recession ... it is trying to export its way out of the crisis, while the 'golden rule' is counterproductive. the 'structural reforms' are all too often coded language for labour market liberalization including wage cuts, a weakening of collective bargaining and greater wage differentiation across sectors and firms ... the reasoning is flawed ...


The European Commission adopted its final version of its communication on social protection in development cooperation. Social protection, so it says, is a human right. Though it also emphasizes the many economic objectives that are now given to social protection. The document will soon be discussed by the Council.


Read the document

Final Draft on the Guiding Principles on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, by the special rapporteur Ms Sepulveda, to be adopted by the Human Rights Council in its September Meeting.


The new UN Report, the World Economic and Social Survey looks at different proposals for development finance, from a financial transaction tax, taxes on greenhouse gas emissions to special drawing rights. It looks at the best allocation of these funds and states a change of global governance is necessary.

Read the report

The deceiving result of the Rio+20 conference...


Final text of the ILO recommendation concerning national floors of social protection, as adopted by the latest International Labour Conference.


See also our analysis on this site - based on the preparatory documents. An updated version will appear soon.


Thank you President
I am making this statement on behalf of the NGOs

It feels amazing to be sitting in this room among all the world leaders, and feeling all this power around me that can shape the World. We all know the threat that is facing us, and I do not need to repeat the urgency. Science is very clear. If we do not change in the coming five to ten years the way our societies function, we will be threatening the survival of future generations and all other species on the planet. Nevertheless, you sitting here in this room have the power to reverse all of this. What you can do here is the dream of each one of us: to have the opportunity to be the savors of the planet. It is all up to you.

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