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The 'Gates Report' for the G20: Bill Gates wrote a report to the G20 on how to finance 21st century development. He now gets involved in agricultural development but keeps his unshaken confidence in free markets. And he is in favour of a Financial Transaction Tax, after all, why not, if it brings money to his foundation?

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This Year's UNDP report on Humln Development concerns the environmental trends which threaten the global progress for the poor. The best way to solve the problems, according to the report: equity, that is good public services.

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The ninth report of the World Bank on 'the ease of doing business', ranking countries according to their 'reforms'. One of the chapters still concerns 'employing worlkers'. Trade unions have asked for many years to stop including this indicator, without any success. The only concession the Bank has made this year is to exclude the 'employing workers' from the ranking of countries. But the chapter still exists.

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DECLARATION to the Heads of States and Governments of the G8/G20 Summit

Outside the G8/G20 Summit, we, civil society and social movements from the North and the South, meeting at the 2nd Development Forum in Paris on October 24th and 25th 2011, have explored, hand in hand, alternative development strategies and discussed urgent and interdependent issues such as unemployment and universal social protection, debt and innovative financing for development, climate change and food and water security. 

Interesting report on a social protection floor:  a rights-based poverty reduction programme, as proposed by the ILO, in between the World Bank 'as if' poverty reductions, and a universal social protection system. An analysis comparing different proposals will follow soon.

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What the EuropeanCommission calls 'Tax policy challenges foir economic growth and fiscal sustainability'.


The European Commission published its communication on its future perspectives in development policies.

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Very very interesting reading in times of crisis ...

Read the report on the High Net Worth Individuals

Said Commissioner Semeta: The EU becomes a forerunner in the global implementation of a Financial Transaction Tax ... a fair contribution from the financial sector ...

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The New Trade and Development Report of UNCTAD


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